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Spiral Candle

$ 25.00

Stop burning boring candles.

Spiral Light Candles burn twice.  First as a spiral and then as a traditional wooden wick candle.  They burn as follows:

      • Large: spiral 3 hrs. / wooden wick 40 hrs.

      • Medium: spiral 2 hrs. / wooden wick 30 hrs.

      • Small: spiral 1 hrs. / wooden wick 20 hrs.

Please note, these are estimates as environmental conditions can cause them to burn a bit longer or shorter.

All of our candles are made in our factory in Lakeland, Minnesota.  All our candle ingredients and components are made and sourced within the United States.


We work very hard to make the most clean burning candles possible.  We use an ultra refined, food grade wax, 100% cotton wicks on the outside and locally sourced softwood wicks on the inside.  All of our scents are 100% Phthalate free and our dyes are all vegetable based.  

All this work leads to a very clean burning candle free of toxins and the smoke that we want to keep outside the home.